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Timing Drift


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So when I’m going to set the timing I open up the calibration tab to offset the trigger with The timing light to get it right at 10, the issue I’m having is when I offset it to 8 degrees it aligns perfectly. I have the adjust set to 25 microsecond's which keeps it at the 10. I always hit enter and make sure the tab turns blue as always. But once I hit done and exit the window it just jumps completely as if what I just did went out the window. So not sure what’s going on.. I have to adjust the offset to 18 so once I do leave the window it stays at 10. It revs but rough not how a 1JZ should. Any pointers or am I doing something wrong here as I am tuning my vehicle for the first time. 

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When you leave the window it goes back to doing whatever ignition angle the basemap says it should do instead of what the calibration window fixes it to and so if you want it to be at 10 with the window shut you will need to look at your idle ignition control (if on) and maybe your ignition table and trims.

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