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R32 Skyline Blue ECU Connector Issue


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I recently bought a GTRLink - NGTRX and have been installing it on my R32 GTST. I have all the sensors wired up and ran them up to the ECU location, then removed the old ECU with no problems. I've also swapped the Inj 4 and 6 pins in the ECU plug as mentioned in the instructions. However, when connecting with my laptop I noticed the PC Link software could not connect to the ECU, it shows it, then clicking it in the list, the list of ports would close then reopen.

With a bit more investigation, the blue nissan ecu plug does not quite fit properly to the Link ECU socket. Keeping it as level as possible and tightening the bolt, when its as far as it seems it can go, the plug has a fair amount of play left and right, it rocks back and forth if I press left and right sides lightly, though appears to be in as far as the original ECU. With the key live I can hear it firing off relays as one side makes a connection and then disconnects if the plug is moved slightly. 

I tried putting the original OEM ecu back in and it connects absolutely fine, it slides in nicely and is easy to keep level while tightening the bolt. With no play at all once it starts to get tight. The car will start no problem and its clear all the pins are connecting. I also tried fitting a R33 RB25DET ecu I had spare to make sure the connector on the loom hasn't just warped to the shape of the plug for the R32's old ECU. It fit up nicely and squarely with no rocking back and forth like the link ECU one. I then tried attaching the R33's loom ECU connector to the link and it had the same amount of play as the R32's in the Link ECU's socket. As you tighten it up, it appears to somewhat warp the connector on the loom side pushing the sides out and being loose left to right. 

I've basically been at this all day and I'm a bit stuck, it seems like the Link ECU socket isn't quite right somewhere as I can't get the plug from two looms to go into squarely, it's just sort of never quite square on and engaging all the pins at once. The pins in the Link ECU all appear to be super straight with no issues. The blue plastic around it appears to be same to the eye for my RB20DET ecu, RB25DET ecu and the Link ECU. But given 2 different looms don't fit the Link but both fit the other 2 ECUs. It seems the link is the odd one out. It feels a bit like the Link one is a bit too wide so there's too much play to keep the side parts of the plug straight on. But I'm not too sure.

Has anyone come across this, is there any advice to fix this and get the connector to fit up snuggly?




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