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1uzfe fitment

john t

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iv recently purchased an is200 lexus which has been fitted with a 93 1uzfe lexus engine. It has a G4 extreme partially fitted by previous owner. There is a load of wiring diagrams etc and I'm fairly confident the wiring down so far is enough to start the car. It looks like it has a 1uzfe vvti base map loaded but the car fails to start. Is there anything if done wrong? Is there anything I need to set or is another base map needed. I'd like to resolve the non starting issue myself as I don't want to trailer it a considerable distance for something I can do. Obviously mapping will be left to a pro but I'd like it running before hand. The car appears to have no spark I have looked at the wiring and the crank is wires to trig1 and the left CAS is wired to trig2 is this right? If anyone has more info on wiring etc or can help me get the car started id be eternally greatful

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Have you gone through the pre-start check list?

Have you individually activated each injector to verify that its firing, also that its firing on the correct cylinder?

The same goes for the Ignition,

When you crank the engine, are you getting RPM on the ECU display page?

When you turn the ECU on, is the fuel pump priming, is the fuel pump running at all?

This is what I go thru when I wired my 4A-GE, but also when I wire machinery, basically, you want to do whats called a 'I/O' check, make sure all the inputs are being read by the ECU, also all the outputs are doing what you believe they should be doing :)

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