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Z32 VG30DETT VVT Targets


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Hey guys, I'm getting set up to tune a Z32 and looking over the link supplied basemap I see the VVT is turned off and the table has no targets.

Anyone have experience with these engines? Any info on what the engines run for VVT numbers? Is it better to have them off?

Thanks in advance

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44 minutes ago, ColinPAS said:

EDIT: I just read on the interwebs its about 20 Degrees. Would be nice to be able to adjust that value

To reduce how far it moves you would need to open it up and do something to limit travel, to increase range you would need to open it up and reduce whatever limits it's range. If you want to be able to control it's position to anywhere within the current range you will need to fit some kind of cam sensor setup to both intake cams and a different style of cam gear and most likely a different actuator. You might find it is easier to move to the VQ platform than it is to retro fit a proper VVT setup though.

A better solution might be to make the tooth angle adjustable so you can dial your cams in to make the best use of both sides of that ~20deg swing (https://boostdoc.com.au/products/rb25-s1-s2-neo-diy-adjustable-vct-intake-gear-kit).

Regardless make sure you don't make the pistons and valves kiss.

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