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G4 Storm on BMW E30 Turbo

Tony Ouneissy

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I installed a G4 Storm ECU on BMW E30 Turbo Engine, i usually install the ECU as Batch injection and ( wasted spark ) ignition ( inj1= cyl1 and cyl6, inj2=cyl2 and cyl5, inj3=cyl3 and cyl4 ) and same goes to ignition, no need to use 2nd trigger,  its my first time on Link .

on this specific Engine i kept the distributor ( so no need to worry about ignition ) my only concern is fueling,  how to do the setup ?

2nd question : i tried to use sequential with trigger1 connected to trigger2 ( crank only ) and 2 outputs ( inj1=cyl1 + cyl3 + cyl5, inj2= cyl2 + cyl4 + cyl6 ) NB: original BMW E30 ECU runs like this. i got better idle and better overall fueling,  is this method safe to use ? or should i use same method with injectors in 3 groups like my old setup ?

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Hi Tony.

As the Storm operates injector drives in 'odds & then evens' with batch fire, you are better to leave them as 2 groups of 3 as you suggest.  The main reason for doing this would be consistant fuel delivery.  If you do 3 groups of 2, essentially you are firing 4 injectors (odds), and then 2 (evens).  The resulting fuel pressure drop when injectors are operating will not be the same firing 4 as it would firing 2 injectors.  By having 3 off odds, and 3 off even drives, you will have consistant fuel pressure and delivery.


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