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Subaru GRB/GVB question - not 100% exactly related to g4x tuning but seeing theres so many of you here...


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I've got the nice link plugin - tick

i've got the nice "supporting mods" upgrades (fuel pump, injectors, turbo, intake, exhaust) - tick

But a cross for - the heat soakable top mount intercooler....  It needs to be replaced, but the laws here in NZ prevent the *factory* front crash bar removal or modification :\  Cant insure a roadcar with illegal mods either :\

There is an exception being considered to our rules here tho, but its not a "live" rule, yet... The cert guy i was talking to mentioned this was talked about in his last training session - so i have some hope...


Anyone in NZ know an engineer somewhere they would recommend, that I could talk to about this?

Anyone, anywhere, know of an FMIC that would retain the front crash bar at all?

I'm very happy to take this to pm's or to another forum, but with all the plugin g4x v11 people in here i just wanted to get their attention / input.


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make it clearer its not a rule, yet, but being discussed
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I haven't ran into any front mount's on those that don't require removing the bar completely or at least come with a replacement. You could make a air to water intercooler so you wouldn't have to mess with the crash bar since it would mount like the tmic. The heat exchanger and electric pump would mount easily off the crash bar with a couple brackets.

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I've saw a Plazmaman air to water intercooler (generic) kit - the end tanks would need fiddling to suit the turbo outlet and intercooler placement - but its do-able:


I also saw the FMIC from Process West with an interesting end tank design:


I was hoping to find a fabricator to advise about end tanks like this, that could be used to recess an FMIC closer to the radiator and not interfere with the crash bar.

The rules don't say you cant modify the rad/hood latch supports or front panelwork between the chassis rails or behind the crash bar :)

The Plazmaman stuff flows well and could work up to any hp level I'd ever reach on a street car - but a FMIC with the Process West design could be a lighter option?

Thanks heaps for your input :)  I'll check with Plazmaman and see what sort of cooling they can do at 2bar worth of positive input pressure going into it, if they flow so well, air may pass through before being cooled enough?

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