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G4X GTR fuel relay fault


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I'm new to link and installing my G4X onto my R32 Skyline GTR and I am having trouble with the fuel pump control settings.  The OEM setup uses a FPCM (fuel pump control module) that I have previously bypassed, but still use the ground signal to trigger my relays.  I'm running a lift pump to surge tank to main pump setup.  

What keeps happening is the pump stays on constantly when IGN is on. The default plugin setup is 3 speed relay control.  Which I assume should work since I'm using that signal to trigger my relays.  It does not.  I tried STD mode and no go.  

Anyone else run into this before?  I know it's common to bypass the FPCM on the R32 as it's prone to failure.  


Nissan R32-R34 GTR 7Bar G4X Xtreme IATid1050X.pclx

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How exactly have you wired all of it? Also note that Aux 1 & 2 in your basemap are working in the opposite direction, change their active state settings to low if you want them to ground the output when active.

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I figured it out.  Since it's bypassed, I had to switch to standard relay output and also had to switch the pump relay to Aux 2 instead of Aux 6.  Active state was also switched to low as well.  

The way my pump is wired is I only use the blk/yel signal from the OEM harness to trigger my 2 relays which get direct 12v power.  

Nissan R32-R34 GTR 7Bar G4X Xtreme STDaux2.pclx

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