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Spartan3 Cycles On and Off


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I just got my downpipes installed and Spartan3s wired up on my test stand this weekend. I fired up the engine and found the Lambda reading cycling on and off while running. 

I never see a Lambda error pop up, just a Heating-Operating-Off cycle repeating.

The Spartans will reliably run while the engine is off and then shut down when I fire it up (maybe voltage drop causing a reset?) But they'll still cycle back off while running.




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What firmware are you using for the Spartan 3s? And what performance mode do you have the controllers set to? I encountered a similar issue when trying Performance mode 0, and Alan said firmware 1.09 should fix it, but I haven’t been able to test. If you have the same issue as me, you can set them to Performance 1 or upgrade the firmware.


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I'll have to double check my firmware and performance mode tonight. I initially set it up last September so it's probably 1.08, looks like 1.09 just came out this year.

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