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Ignitor Question

Chris Smeraglinolo

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Hi all. I'm on the fence about to order a LinkPlus G3 but had a quick question as to how to setup the ignition aspect of things. I have a US-Spec S50 BMW Engine. It is an inline 6 cylinder with 3-Wire Bosch coil-on-plugs. The factory computer has the ignitors built in. My question is what are my options for external ignitors? I was wondering if anyone has used VB921's ? These are pretty popular to the megasquirt crowd. Also someone mentioned I'd need an inverter? If I ditched the coil-on-plug setup, are there any off the shelf coils with built in ignitors I could use? Thanks, Chris

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The one we did used a six channel Nissan igniter (from an RB skyline engine).  You could also use a couple of Link three channel igniters or six of your favourite single channel igniters.  You will not need any sort of invertor.  The ECU will drive the igniter and the igniter will drive the coil.  There are some specific wiring instructions for the VANOS control on those engines so make sure you get those.

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