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350z Plugin ECU won't turn off


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Hi guys, I have a 2005 vq35de 350z with a G4X plugin. For some reason the ecu will not turn off with ignition off. I can have the key out of the ignition and the ecu will still connect to the laptop even after an hour or so.. Only way to turn it off is to disconnect the battery. 

I can refit the factory ecu with uprev, and its not a problem so I believe it is the ECU fault? 

I have tried to reach out to LINK support to talk to someone, but it seems they only do it for Dealers unless you E-Mail. 

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13 minutes ago, Endurance_Racer said:

Can you upload your tune file. I believe I know what is going on. Would like to check it first.

Hi mate, I used the base map and just did the map/tps calibration, turned off fuel cut and played with the master trim. Just in an effort to bleed the cooling system and found the ecu staying on issue.

Nissan 350Z Auto trans twin VVT 7Bar G4X Xtreme Plugin.pclx

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Either the ECU hold power is staying on or the ECU is being backfed through one of the Aux inputs. Can you see the Ignition switch input (DI10) go inactive when you turn the key off? Does the ECU hold power output also go inactive (Ign 8) when the key is turned off?

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