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GP PWM 3D Table

Dan Pidde

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I know you guys have a few things in the works such as the datalogging and the CL boost control. One thing that would be REALLY nice is if I could run a 3D General Purpose PWM output, indexed by everything that the fuel and ignition tables are. For instance, if I wanted to run the GT3782 VNT off the Powerstroke diesel, or if I wanted to run a more advanced water/methanol injection setup, or anyhting else that needs a 3D table to run correctly. I'm jeleous of my friend doing that with his Hydra.

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Nice. I guess I failed at seeing this, or I could probably read the manual a little better, lol. I do have a question or two though. I don't see a label on the y axis of the AUX table. Just wondering what input I'm actually using, since the three logic conditions are availible. Also, how much load can I put on, say aux 2? Is 5 ohms ok? Also, I guess I might be crossing my fingers here, but would 4.5 ohm injectors fly? I can get peak and hold injectors in 4.5 ohms, and it would be nice to be able to run them down the road without a peak and old driver. It's so hard to find anything over 900cc in a high impedance side-feed injector, and low impedance injectors are much easier to get a decent idle out of when you are running 1600cc units.

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