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How much boost can my Link G3 ECU handle?

Jari Honkanen

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Hi Jari.

As standard they had a 2.5bar MAP sensor installed in them (1.5bar positive) which would allow control up to approximately 22lbs of boost.  Some of these units were modified by request, and if you do not know it's origin and history there is one way to check definitively.  The standard 2.5bar sensor has printed on it MPX4250AP, and the 5bar is labelled as ?MPX5700AP? I think. 

The main part of the story here is crack the lid open, look on top of the sensor and if it contains the numbers 250 in a row it's 22lbs of boost maximum it will control, if 700 in a row on the sensor, then up to 55lbs (in fact unofficially 87lbs... So if you can do this I WANT TO SEE YOUR CAR!).   :)


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Hi Jari... Nice ride man! 

Very different to many out there, I am impressed!  The sensor is the only thing that needs replacing, and a calibration will need to be selected in PCLink to suit; to let the ECU make sense of it.  If you wanted a quote on Link performing this upgrade, you will have to email them on [email protected].


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