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Tachometer troubles

Eric Lemoine

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Hi Ashley, I'm running a Link G3 Plus 2uzfe coil on plug layout in a 97 Supra, and I'm having a bit of trouble with the tachometer. The tach reaches ~5K rpm under power then the tach drops to 0 rpm while the engine revs are still climbing. I've checked the line going to the tachometer and that is fine. The tach itself is a new Pivot Gekko tach and other than dropping to zero at 5k rpm, the tach is working fine. I have two of my outputs set to "tacho" in the ecu, would that be causing the issue? If I have to I can wire the tach directly to one of the coil packs, but I'm not all that sure which signal that tach needs. Thanks for the help! Eric

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This is from the wiring & installation manual. This may be your problem/fix:

"Note: In some cases an external pull-up resistor will be required to drive the tachometer. If the tachometer fails to operate, operates erratically or will not read over a certain RPM, connect 1 kOhm 0.25 Watt (1000 Ohm ¼ watt) resistor between the tacho signal wire and its power supply. Also check that the auxiliary output is configured to have the correct duty cycle in PCLink."


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