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Jzx100 pnp G4+ first time startup questions


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Hello all, this is my first standalone install ever so please assume I am a moron with your replies haha

here is my setup:

stock jzx100 1jzgte vvti with JZX link G4+ using provided base map

stock turbo

stock injectors 

Direct spark conversion (1zz coils), wired using exp. Harness 

aftermarket FPR set at 43psi

sensors installed: IAT, Ethanol sensor, Can Lamba Sensor, Can Gauge

Here’s the issue I’m having so far- trying to set up the timing offset, I can get it to line up at -10 on the crank and the car will start but run very badly and die like timing is very far off. can’t keep car running for more than 10 seconds before it dies to adjust timing … 

Also wondering if fuel is another issue due to the aftermarket FPR. No leaks detected but car dies like it’s out of fuel.  Regulator shows 43psi while running though…

I am not too well versed in reading the logs and etc just trying to get the car driving so I get it to the tuner 



thanks  in advance, and I’ll upload any logs/files as needed just let me know what I need to do







Trigger Scope Log 2024-03-24 6;03;59 pm.llg ECU Log 2024-03-24 5;45;05 pm.llg jzx100plugin basemap.pclr

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A copy of the tune, a trigger scope taken while cranking and a PCLog of a start and die would be a good starting point please.

When setting the timing do you have the "Set Base Timing" window open?

Also have you done an ignition test with your direct spark setup to confirm that Ignition 1 is wired to the coil on cyl 1, Ignition 2 to cyl 2, ignition 3 to cyl 3 and so on?

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Ok will get those files uploaded in a minute.  

Yes I did test ignition 1-6 and confirm all are working 

I did the initial base timing calibration and got my physical timing to match the 10* BTDC on the link but still ran like timing was very off  


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10 minutes ago, Sixbelow said:

edited first post to include log files.

There's a bunch of missing data in that log as it is an ECU log not a PC Log, if you press F8 or click on the "PC Log = Off" in the top right of PCLink it will take a PCLog which will have a lot more info in it.

I have attached a copy of a G4+ JZX100 basemap that I found in my downlaods folder and I can see that it uses a 16ms Master Fuel value instead of 8ms (using the File -> Compare functionality) where did your 8ms number come from? Does richening up the Fuel mixture make it run better? I'm also a little confused as to why your ECT sensor has had the pullup resistor turned off and it set to a calibration table.

TOYOTA JZX100 G4+ Base map, Need to confirm fuel pump and speed control.pclr

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It’s been a while since I downloaded the base map but I swear it was off this forum somewhere.  I will use the one you supplied and re configure the direct spark and etc with this and I’m sure that was the issue , just the wrong base map


the ECT sensor shows Pull up resistor ON here not sure what happened


appreciated! I will update when up and running 

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  • 2 months later...

Update:  thank you for the correct base map, that was definitely the issue. I got car to tuner and got setup on flex fuel with modeled fuel map  

running stock turbo, injectors and fuel pump got to 350tq and 285whp

upgrading fuel system and turbo next year lol



appreciate all your help!

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