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Ecu not powering after jumper pack


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just got my ecu installed . Battery started to run flat while I was trying to start for first time . 
had laptop connected and got out of the car 
placed jumper on to the battery terminals went back into the car link program not responding, 

Closed the application and unplugged the lead from my laptop and connected and tried doing this a few times before I realised  that the ecu power light (blue light ) is not lit up.

I have a feeling I have blown something in the ecu now , can anyone advise what to check in the ecu to confirm this


much appreciated 


link plug in jzx90


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If you think you've blown the ECU then crack it open to see if there is anything obviously fried, did you put the jump pack on backwards?

Otherwise use a multimeter to start testing power to the ECU. There is a pinout for the JZX90 pnp in the PCLink help manual, pins 99 and 100 are the ECU power with pins 33, 52 and 68 being the power grounds. Note for the ECU to be powered the main relay needs to be switched on and this is controlled by ECU pin 59 which is triggered by pin 85 so not a bad idea to check the main relay is operating correctly before checking the ECU power.

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