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Ethrottle Error84 (urgent)


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We're sincerely hoping someone could give us a solution for the problem we are experiencing.
The car is setup with an electronic throttle (PN 0 280 750 474 - datasheet attached). And keeps reporting error 84.
We have tried as many steps as we could think of:

  • New Throttle body
  • Checked wiring twice
  • Bypassing e-throttle relay
  • Changing "run throttle when stalled"
  • Resistance Motor measured 1,1Ohm (similar to other bosch dbw we have around here)

Attached are Log files:

  • Log: Tps Calibration
  • Log: Engine running
  • Ecu map

The car has to compete upcoming weekend so every help/suggestion is welcome!



Ethrottle Cal.llgx Ethrottle Running Error84.llgx Map Ethrottle.pclx

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Seems like your TB takes a lot of oomph to close. It's going to the min clamp of 90% on nearly every close. This one is especially concerning, the system goes to -90% DC and that's not enough to close the throttle, which lags behind the target for a couple tenths. There's a lot of overshoot and undershoot.



Then at 40.5s the duty cycle ramps up to 90% and sits there until about 54s.

Your E-Throttle 1 Feed Forward table is blank. Filling that out will help response greatly.

  • E-Throttle X Feed Forward Table
  • This table is used to apply a feed-forward duty cycle to the E-Throttle PID loop based on the Target position. It can help improve response around the sprung point on standard E-Throttles and can massively improve response in more custom setups with more aggressive return springs. To set it up move the throttle to various positions to see how much duty cycle it needs to maintain that position and then adjust the table axis and enter the appropriate values before testing operation again. Note that operation while the engine is running will be different than while the engine is stopped due to the different battery voltage.
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Thanks for the response! I have also noticed the closing.

This is also when the error occurs in the second log file (throttle closing). Maybe this has something to do with the oversized supercharger attached to it.
I have no experience with the feed forward table (most setups g4+). I will adjust this immediatly.
Thoug, tapping the throttle with engine off does give a different (acceptable) response:

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@Laminar I have adjusted the feedforward. It helps but does not solve our problem Error84. Can you view attached Log and explain whats happening at 4.30,269? Aux9/10 Status Changes but i can not see a cause for it?

PC Datalog - 2024-03-26 2;13;35 pm.llgx

There is a parameter "GP Analog1" which gives feedback from the recirculating valve (2nd Electronic Throttle). It seems to me like it's opening correctly(100% = fully opened). So the main throttle valve should not having a problem to close.

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