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Basemap Mitsubishi 3000 gt


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Hello, does anyone happen to have a basemap for a Mitsubishi 3000 gt? The car is still completely standard and I would like to start by simulating the original control unit so that I can drive it out of the garage again

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There is some trigger and firing order info in the PCLink help file (as pictured below), if using factory injectors you could use a traditional based fuel tune with a master fuel of maybe 10-15ms to start with, other than that generic fuel and ignition tables from one of the EVO sample maps should be enough to get it started and running once you have tested your wiring and found the correct trigger offset with a timing light.


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6 hours ago, Sigch said:

What Kind of EVO map should i use and will IT realy start with a four cylinder map qnd serial Lambda and Mass Air flow Sensor

Doesn't really matter which as you are only using the ful and ignition values, not the cylinder count, firing order, ignition mode etc.

I would always strongly recommend adding a CAN based wideband when fitting an aftermarket ECU if you want to have any success with tuning and trouble shooting it.

I would recommend using the MAP signal rather than the MAF as your load source and on your fuel and ignition table axes.


If you haven't already it might be a good idea to download the software and have a look through the various settings and read some of the help manual which explains how everything works. You are going to need to do some wiring which the help manual has some information on as Link doesn't sell a plug and play ECU to suit 3000gt's.

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