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Knock control not staying enabled, internal logging issue

Ryan C

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Hello - Couple issues I've noticed with my G4 Xtreme. I'm running the 4.6 FW and the latest version of PC Link. When I enable internal knock control, it doesn't remain enabled after the key is turned off. I have carried out an ECU store and also saved this setting in my map. However, every time I start the car back up, knock control is defaulted off and I have to re-enable it. On that note, any suggestions on what knock filter to use? I'm using the default of low pass (LP). I'm not hearing anything with my det cans but I don't always drive with them on either :). Knock sensor is the OEM 99'-00' Subaru sensor in stock location on an EJ20. Logging. When I select ECU logging, 'Always On', it doesn't always stay on. When I download a log or re-start the car, I have to select a random input, Ex: 'DI#1' and then go back to 'Always on' to kickstart the ECU logging function again. Closed loop boost control... any ETR? Last I heard, it was ready for prime time but I still don't see it as an option. I'm using a MAC 3 port solenoid and it's difficult to get a consistent boost setting between day and night. Other than that, things are going great! Just converted my Version 6 EJ20 over to coil-on-plug using the settings from the Version 7 (GDB) map and the car is running strong. Thanks, Ryan

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Which Xtreme do you have? Red/Silver? I have just tested the knock control on a silver model, seems fine. Do you want to send me your .pcl file and I will load that in and try again? [email protected] 

Another note regarding knock control, you will need to get a generic wideband bosch knock sensor. The Xtreme can't process the signal coming off a late model knock sensor. The only other option is purchasing a KnockBlock G4 as this is capable of analyzing this kind of sensor.

Regarding the logging issue, I can reproduce this. My suggestion is working around it by triggering the logging off a virtual auxiliary channel. Maybe have it start recording when the RPM is over 10 so it creates a new log each time the engine is started?

Closed loop boost control. Yes this is still in development. It's working well and its in its final stage of testing. Hopefully the next firmware release.



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Hey Phil - Thanks for the help, my map was sent to your mailbox. I'm using the red Xtreme. I've got the virtual aux working for ECU logging. It functions well with no hiccups. What P/N Bosch knock sensor do you recommend? I see they make a bunch of different ones. Are there any standard setup recommendations you could suggest to use with the Bosch sensor? Thanks! Ryan

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