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firmware updates

jim bennett

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i have link g2,installed on rb25det in a s13,was running perfect until i tried to install firmware updates.original firmware was 1.1.27 installed the latest 2 and added pclink3.11 now car wont start.what did i do wrong.the rotating link symbol in upper right hand corner does not rotate anymore.what should i do now?

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OK, it is possible that the firmware update did not complete sucessfully.  The Link logog not spinning indicates that PCLink cannot talk to the ECU.  Try re-installing the latest firmware.  Make sure that you read all the notes on the firmware pages about changes in each version.  There is no need to install each update, just the latest.  Sometimes USB-Serial converters can cause difficulties doing firmware upgrades, it is best done with a direct serial connection.  Note that there is a new version (1.2.0) to be released probably next week.

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