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VE numbers low at Idle


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I'm having some issues with my base map. I just installed a new set of injectors(1400cc). I'm using the dead time table provided by the seller. 

The VE at idle numbers are very low(10) and it is still too rich 0.88 if the engine is warm and running more than 15 min.

When the engine is cold after start it all looks ok but as soon as it gets hot it gets richer.

With operating temperature it is lean for a few seconds after the engine starts and then it gets richer.

I have tried to spot the problem with the logs but I can't, could someone take a look at my log and base tune

to see if they can spot something wrong?.


1400cc rich.pclr 1400cc lean to rich.llg

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You are sitting on your Min Effective Pulse Width value, doesn't matter how much you reduce the VE numbers it will not inject less than your Min Effective Pulse Width Value.

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