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Fury m54 hall effect cam sensor wiring


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I was wondering can I use the 8v a6 pin to power a m54 hall effect cam sensor, or should I use switched 12v? Also can someone please guide me on the sensor pinout? I seen a pinout sheet on another forums it showed + , U, -    What does the U mean?

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It might work on 8v, but the OE harness uses 12v shared with cam, crank, and maf sensors, among others. 

Pin 1 is 12v, pin 2 is signal, pin 3 is sensor ground.


BTW I swapped a E36 from S50 to M54 (easier to find uncracked heads), and the exhaust VANOS is near useless. Use the intake VANOS and feel free to leave the exhaust unplugged/unsensored. Confirmed this with Randy at EPIC Motorsports. Might help with emissions, but in terms of power, don't bother.

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