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2JZ Trigger counter problem.

Sameh Yehia

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Hello i have 2jz running link extreme 
the engine was running fine for couple week then i got trigger error counter problem
i checked the polarity with led and  metal  piece
both cam and trigger ground at same point(green wire)
i disconnected the alternator cable so i check if there's noise caused by the alternator
i grounded the ecu to the chassis
tried different crank and cam sensors
increased the threshold and decreased it
i used both front and cam sensor
engine timing is double checked for camshaft and crank marks
timing is synced with timing gun.
replaced the coil packs and running resistor spark plugs bkr8eix
increased the dwell and regapped the plugs down to .55 mm
tried different type of spark plugs.
the problem start and wot right before boost and sometimes at start of spool
i am not sure what else i can do to fix this problem ..can anybody help please ?


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Hello David,
i am sorry i didn't have log file for the problem..but it can happen in boost and out of boost i have tried different afr settings..11-11.5-12.5-13 etc more timing less timing..the problem don't happen at certain rpm..it just happens anytime on boost or out of boost..i tried disconnecting the charge pipe and test and still got the trigger errors.

here is one of the maps that faced the problem...timing is conservative here..i didn't save the last one in the car but that was the initial one on my laptop.

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I have posted your setup and my setup from one of my customers 2JZ's made 500 hp at the wheels no issues.

I have noticed that your Ignition Delay is set to 0, which can lead to ignition angle changes with engine RPM also your trigger arming voltages seem higher than mine.

Have you done a cylinder leak down test.

What do the sparkplugs look like, what are your injectors like, etc, etc.



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Hi David,
thank you for the help
for the threshold i have gone even lower than 3 but i didn't try the ignition delay with 1 ms it used to be working on 0 for a good time but i will try
compression and leak down test is perfect
spark plug looks clean and burning pretty well and timing advance mark right on the curve for optimum timing
i forgot to mention i even installed new set of id1000 injectors

i am gonna try the same threshold map and timing delay and give it a run 
NOTE  i forgot to mention
i used to have my trigger angle at -6 that was spot on the crank tdc mark but after this problem i recheck my trigger offset angle and i changed it -14 to be in the same tdc mark which puzzled me..and my mechanical timing is all on marks.
i am worried my ati crank damper is marked wrong..or my last guess my ecu is bad. 

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Dear Sameh ,


Kindly a request. Can you please send me the 2JZ-GTE non vvti base map to hatem.bakhiet at gmail.com?

I am highly int rested with the trigger setup , for the moment i have my engine running well ... but i feel the ignition is kind of retarded . i guest the problem is related to the offset settings ( triggers calibration ) .. 



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