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MK4 golf can issues.


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I have wired a g4x fury into a mk4 golf. 

I am utilising the Audi TT can profile as it gave the best results. 

The main issue I'm facing is that for some reason I keep getting a lambda code despite the lambda working. Code 60.  The cel then appears on the dash despite no CEL output assigned. I also cannot mask the code in the mask table. 

I'm assuming the cel is being turned in the can stream. I would like to turn it off.

Secondarily to this I could also work out why this lambda code keeps appearing 

Also. I would like to know how feasible it is to sniff out the steering wheel cruise control buttons on the can stream 

MKIVR32 04.2024.pclx

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The CE Light is nothing to do with the CAN stream, you need to clear the fault code and then capture the error occurring in a log. The runtime you want to look at is Lambda 1 Error as this triggers the CE Light in your tune.

If you want to simply prevent the CEL being thrown by it then you need to go to Auxiliary Outputs -> CE Light -> Mask and put '1' in cell 60.

As a side note you have both CAN 1 and CAN 2 set to the Audi TT CAN Mode when only one of these should be wired up to the vehicle CAN bus and set to the vehicle mode.

To sniff out the cruise buttons you will need some kind of USB based CAN device and software that connects to it and then you will need to push the buttons while watching the CAN data to see what changes.

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Thanks for the reply. 

In my tune the Ce light function is not assigned, and the mask has been set to 1 on Cell 59 through 61, yet the cel still seems to light up when the Link logs the lambda code. Because of this i assumed its via the can stream. 

I did speak to link tech on the phone regarding the Lambda error code and we could not resolve it easily. Is it common for hte ecu to flag a code while the lambda sensor is working?

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Just checked the CAN code and it is doing it based on number of fault codes instead of an assigned CAN Aux like the newer CAN Modes, I have seen sensors that have issues and then start working later, to see the reason for the fault I need to know which error it hit in the Lambda 1 status. ECU Logging may help you here.

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Not without changing the code and I am reluctant to change it from using the number of faults to a CAN Aux as that is a breaking change (i.e. other people updating will need to change their map to suit that change)

I have been given one log with Lambda faults and it was caused by low voltage when cranking so I it will be interesting to see if you have the same issue.

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