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Rotary 4 position map switch


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Hi all

Can anyone tell me how to set up a rotary map switch please, I have a the switch set up as a GP input and have got it working within link PC, I've wired it up to anv 2 and 5v sens ground, using cal table 1, switch is moving through positions nicely,  my struggle is allocation to the 3 boost table's, they seem to want a DI input but this would only allow me one extra table, also I'd like to include a race fuel map at position 4 any ideas how to set the logic up please 

Many thanks 



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Here's one way I can think to do it - map some GP Outputs to read your knob position and activate virtual aux signals. For example, if the knob position is 2, turn on Virtual Aux 6. I added some greater than or less than in case a little noise makes it not exactly equal to 2. Not sure if this is necessary, but it felt safe:


Do the same so that when the knob is at 3, we turn on Virtual Aux 7.

Now set up boost with 3 tables and use your virtual auxes to activate each table.


Depending on how much different your maps are from each other, you could also use a GP trim table with your rotary position as the y-axis. 

So you could have three independent maps and the possibility of a trim table on top of one of those maps:


In this case, your boost target would be equal to table 1 + the offsets in the knob position 4 row, you'd do the same for your wastegate trim table. If you wanted the race gas map to be a trim on top of map 3, you could expand the definition of virtual aux 7 to be >2.95 and <4.05 so that table 3 is active in knob positions 3 and 4 and the trim gets added in position 4.

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