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S15 link g4+ boost control solenoid wiring


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I’ve checked the pinout in the user manual, and online and can’t seem to find anything. I’m wiring an aem 30-2400 into my car and can’t find the pin that controls it. Can someone give me an answer on this? Also got a fuel pressure sensor that I want to wire in that came with no instructions, help with that would be appreciated.

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Which exact vehicle do you have? The S15 plugin supports several different models and there are pinouts to suit each in the PCLink help manual and in the plugin pdf manual on the Link website.

Injector 8 output on main header pin 115 is the factory boost control output on S13 type X, S14 and S15 models, Aux 7 on main header pin 113 is the factory wastegate solenoid output for S13s and some early S14 models.

Is your car factory turbo? Note most outputs can control your solenoid, the ones I have listed above are just the ones in the factory location for that function on those vehicles.


Do you have any pictures of your fuel pressure sensor or any documentation for it? typically 3 wire fuel pressure sensors require a 5v, an volt and signal ground all of which are available on the expansion header.

Note I'm using the G4X/G5 PCLink help manuals which can be more detailed than the ones found in G4+ but not a bad idea to check what version your bottom board is to avoid confusion around possible PCB changes.

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