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Full bridge outputs


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I'm trying to use a Razor PDM to control 2 window circuits with full bridge outputs on the high power pins and a CAN keypad. I can configure the outputs (1 and 2 for one window motor, 3. and 4 for the other) and have the keypad with a keypad functions and GP functions able to drive single-ended outputs. 

I'm not seeing how to map the GP function output and set the current flow direction (fwd/reverse) when the output is configured in full bridge mode. With this configuration, it kind of works in forward, but does not reverse. 



Any suggestions? Searching for 'bridge' in the documentation didn't turn anything up. 


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Positive duty cycle is one way and negative duty cycle is the other way. 0% duty cycle is do nothing.

Example below hasn't been tested but should work, just make sure the math block output goes between -100, 0 and 100 appropriately and that should be fed directly into the Duty cycle of the HP1/2 full bridge.


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