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LEM G3 - PCLink on Linux operating system


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I too would like to see a version for linux. I have used PCLink 3.33 in wine(Windows Emulation Software for linux) successfully, but was unable at actually connecting to the ECU. wine allows the connection of external ports, but it seems to me like the software is expecting the usb driver or something. so maybe all that is needed is a usb driver for the software to be used in wine under linux?

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PCLink only uses RS232 (COM) ports.  When connecting with USB, Windows creates a virtual com port for PCLink to connect to that just looks like a normal serial port to PCLink.  If your wine didn't work then chances are that it does not handle serial ports properly or something in that area.  It has only ever been designed for windows and will not be built for Linux due to lack of demand...  Perhaps doing a dual boot setup with a minimal windows install and a seperate Linux install might be the answer...

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