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Speed detect sensor from a Ford

Rod Smart

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Do you have details about the sensor? If its a VR (variable reluctance) sensor, you would need a converter. If its a hall sensor it shouldnt. If you have the wiring diagram, the easiest way to tell between the two would be that the hall sensor would have a power supply wire going to it. VR sensors are passive and have no power supply.

If its an ABS sensor, its probably VR.

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Yes, I'm sorry, I do realise the difference between hall and reluctor sensors, its the reluctor (2-wire) type of sensor, I should have typed that... Grrr

Which cars have the Hall type sensor was the wheel pickup, or should I grab one off the engine block for the crank angle sensor...

I understand electronics and can design my own circuits no problems, but a hall type sensor, I just need to know what cars I can yank them from. this sensor is going on a Off Road vehicle (playing with some of the ECU functions)

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Hi Rod,

Most speed sensors are reluctor. The G4 can take a reluctor input directly without and extra hardware, so you should be fine. Just wire it to a spare digital input and set it to 'Speed', and calibrate as per the manual.

Although called a Digital input, these are designed to recognise reluctor waveforms for when variable cam position is required. Remember to turn off the 'Pull Up' as the reluctor generates it's own voltage, it doesn't require it.


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