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Speed to ECU wire

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Hi guys, I have the Link G3 Plus fitting to th 2uzfe Toyota 4.7L V8, and fitted to a '97 MKIV Supra. I'm running a Th400 transmission and in hooking up the aftermarket [cyberdyne digital] speedo, I tapped the line going to the speedo into the "Speed to ECU" wire. In my manual, it's listed as digital input 3. Did I tap into the right wire, or does the "Speed to ECU" need to be connected elsewhere? What's the norm? Thanks! Eric

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I dont know what "Speed to ECU" even is!  You can wire speed to preferably one of the first four digial inputs.  Just set that channel as speed and enter a calibration number.  You can share the same speed signal between the ECU and dash without problems...

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