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Link G4 Xtreme IDC frequency

Kelly Gordon

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What is the frequency the Link uses to control the fuel injectors and how does that compare to the stock fuel injector carrier frequency?  I installed a methanol injection kit recently and the minimum trip for injection to start based on IDC should be 12% but with the trip pot at the minimum the meth flow is starting at around 1.5% IDC.


I would like to use a PWM table for meth flow but I'm not sure how to wire the aquamist into that.  i have an inj + and inj - in my aquamist harness that can be wired to the ECU for meth flow control.  Flow usually mirrors IDC.

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For a fully scychronised (sequential injected) engine, the injectors are fired once per two crank revolutions (ie once per intake stroke).  So the frequency is RPM dependent.  Injector Frequency (Hz) = RPM / 120.

The injector pulse width and duty cycle is determined by the size of the injector you use and the amount of fuel required.

I would recommend using a GP PWM function on an aux output for your aquamist or looking into the ECUs Auxiliary Injection function.

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