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Innovate LC-1 Wideband Lamda with Possumlink 44S

Jack Black

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Hi guys. I've notice that this question has been up before, but i can find any straight answer. Copy paste from the LC-1 quick start guide -The default analog outputs are as follows: Analog output one (yellow) is 1.1V=14AFR and .1V=15AFR. This is a sumalated narrowband signal. Analog output two (brown) is setup as 0V=7.35AFR and 5V=22.39AFR. Well here's my big question. Analog one is connected to the gauge, and analog two is connected to the ECU. What value should i sett analog two at? Same as analog one or something different? Cheers. -J

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Hi Jack,

As the PossumLink only accepts a narrowband input, the output of the LC1 would need to be set to Analog output one (1.1V=14AFR and .1V=15AFR). If you have a guage that displays a Wideband signal you might just need to swap the wires over. Otherwise use the software to make them the same.


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Thanks Cameron for a fast answer. As you said, analog one is connected to the gauge and analog two is connected to the Link ECU. I've setup the analog two same as one (1.1V=14AFR and .1V=15AFR) Is this wrong settings for analog two? Should i lower it to 1.0V=14AFR and .1V=15AFR instead? PCLink mark that it is something wrong with the "narrow-band oxy" Sorry for my bad English :) -J

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