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IAT sensor type setup

Brian M

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I have a GM 358-0003 IAT and when setting up the IAT through Analog inputs - AN Temp 3 on the expansion connector there is a list of sensors:

-Std Bosch NTC

-Bosch 0 280 130 017

-Hella 6PT 009 109 041

-Delphi AC


-Cal Table 1

-Cal Table 2

-Cal table 3


Which one do I choose?




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Hi Brian.

Unfortunately we do not know the calibration to every sensor out there, so you will have to use the one that matches your GM 358-0003.  We believe (cannot confirm nor deny), the Delphi AC selection may be the one to match it if any of them do. 

If it is different, you are most likely in for a bit of a task by creating your own CAL and using a CAL Table.  If you cannot find the factory specific CAL for this sensor, this is what you will have to do if you want to use that sensor.

Use a known accurate working device for measuring temperature, and water is probably the least cumbersum to do this with in your case... And also the most stable regarding temperature fluctuations.

Maybe start with water that has been in the freezer for an hour or so to be able to CAL below zero, place the sensor in the body of water on a heat source, and gently heat this water.  By looking at your 'Mecury Thermometer' in the water also for example, you will know it's temperature accurately.

The image on this post is how I would set it up to begin with.  Use your multimeter and set it to 'ohms'... You probably see where I am going with this now.  Note the temp measured by your thermometer, look at the ohms measured on the multimeter, and fill in the table respectively.

Please note as there is interpolation between these temp cells, you will have to wait until the cross hair is dead in the centre of the cell to be accurate.  For example if one cell you are trying to do is 40degC, then wait until it reaches the centre of that cell before entering the resistance in ohms for 40degC, or you run the risk of it being inaccurate.


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