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G4 knock control - Advance rate setting behaviour


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Hi guys, I have a G3 wrx plugin - upgraded to G4 firmware a while back. Quick question on knock control 'Advance rate' setting behaviour: If Advance Rate is set to 0.0 degress/sec irrespective of 'advance delay' - what is the behaviour? 1. the knock control system will NOT re-introduce the timing at all after 'advance delay' 2. the knock control system will re-introduce ALL the previously retarded degrees after the 'advance delay' has elapsed. I am hoping it is option 1 but cannot tell from the manual. I would like to NOT re-introduce the timing once it has been retarded. I have 'Clear-I-Trim Tables'= 'ECU power On' ..so I fully understand that on next key on/off I will be at my normal 'mapped' advance. ie retard learning is lost and I am happy with that. Attached is screen shots 1.knock config 2.link manual on 'Advance delay. Thanks guys! Cheers Ash



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