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request: oil pressure vs rpm output/warning

Mike Cullingford

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Hello, I'd like to request an Oil pressure vs RPM table with configurable output in the Link G4. This will allow me to set a low oil pressure warning system (light and horn) for when i'm racing. If my normal oil pressure is 80psi @ 3000rpm+, and i set a warning at 50psi, this would sound/illuminate at idle etc. Once the oil pressure has dipped below the threshold value, could you make it so that the accusump output remains triggered for a selectable time (3sec, 5sec etc). I'd like to have this with a RPM cutout, so the accusump doesn't activate below 3000rpm (so when i turn the key to ON it doesn't dump all the oil into my engine). Currently there is only flat oil pressure warning, with no RPM input. (this is correct?) Cheers, Mike

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Hi Mike,

For the warning, a 'GP PWM' will give you a table that you could assign Oil pressure to one axis and RPM to the other. Attach this output to a light and siren. 0 in the table will give you nothing, 50 will flash, and 100 will be fully on.


For the accusump you would use a separate output set to GP Output, and switch condition based on rpm and oil pressure with a 3 sec switch off timer so it stays on for 3sec after the conditions are no longer met.


Hope that helps


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Hello Cameron, I looked through my config, and it only allows 'GP PMW' on Aux O/P 1-8. I have a mitsi with 4x wire ISC, and mivec, tacho and boost solenoid. This only leaves one free. Are you able to get the injector/ignition 5-8 drives to do this? (link g4 xtreme) or is this only for aux O/P 1-8? I guess i could go to a single wire type (nissan) ISC in the future to free up my outputs! Cheers, Mike

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