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Switch map over AC switch or TPS


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Because customers don't want always an additional switch, I spent alot of time to make Mapswitch over the AC-Switch possible, while remaining normal AC functions. 

Unfortunately the most AC-switches has an on or off position and are not just push buttons. Problem is that the virtual aux hasn't the cababilitiy to change output if there is only a change in input possition (from off to on or on to off )

If you can implement that it would be much easier to make it work, and it should take only one virtual Aux? 

Actually i use 3 virtual aux and two timers to make it work. I can send you the map if you want. 

My switch solution fuction as follow:

if TPS>80% and AC-Button is pushed at the same time, it will switch betwen the two boost maps. 


Another possibility will be to change maps while engine speed<0 and TPS>80%. Problem is that we have no feedback which Map is selected.  It does work this way with open ECU on  Misubishi Evo, but the CEL will flash a few times when you have selected the second (alternativ) map. I also tried to flash CE light, but i haven't found a possibility on the LINK G4+.

Do you can add a possibility to Flash the CE-light based on an input? 

AC-Switch and CE-light will reduce the neccessarity to wire in an additional control light and an switch. That brings the install cost down for a LINK and it will be competiver to other solution (like flashing std. ECU) Exept of that, we had to hide modifications because of  the strict laws here in Switzerland. This way the customer can switch unsuceptible to std. power map.



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