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I am wondering if there is any difference on Shield/Gnd and Sensor Gnd? I am not sure if I have connected the triggers right.

The white cables are connected to the Shield/Gnd on the Header Pinout but it says in the trigger wiring section that they should go to Sensor Gnd, how should it be? Would be nice to get a fast answer exactly how to wire the triggers. I might have problems with the trigger signal as the engine only starts and runs about 2-3 seconds and then dies. Seems to not make any difference if I change fuelling which I thought first was the problem but now I'm looking for other things that causes the engine not to run.



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Hi Fredde.

In the trigger wire cables you have red, black and 2 whites.  The black wire is Trig1 (+ve side) with the white as the -ve, and the red is Trig2 (+ve side) and the white in there is the -ve side.  Both of the negatives and the shield on the trigger wires are common, and terminate on the pin out as Sheild/Ground.  These will by defalut also common with the block. 

Do not connect the sheilding of the cables at the trigger sensor end, it is correct to have ground at the ECU end only, as it is wired on the loom.  You have on the pinout you are looking at a 'sensor ground', this is the ground supplied by the Link for the negative to all your sensors such as, TPS, IAT and so on.

With your engine problem, it will help to know what it is... It maybe a very simple answer.



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