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cyclic idle

jean-michel lavoie

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Hello Sir.

At first glance, it looks as though you you have set things up OK in your map.  I did note you have DI3 as your control channel though, not DI6).  In any case however, if there is no air being bled in to the engine, the RPM will be relatively stable, so the result is cyclic idle will not feel the need to control the idle speed.

There is one very important piece of information I am missing.  Can you confirm if this is using an E-Throttle (fly by wire) throttle plate or not?  If not, my guess is that you have not put a stop-screw in place to allow air to be bled in to the engine (cable type throttle only).  If you are running fly-by-wire, the story is a little different.

Confirm your type of throttle control, and we can go things from there.



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ok i have a subaru wrx 2006 with dbw(drive by wire) the cyclic idle and antilag work very fine but i want disable this between stage of rally. the switch on the di6 work(idle pass the 1600rpm at 800)but when press the fps(foot position sensor) the cyclic restart. I cant disable the cyclic idle with a switch di3=antilag di6=throttle thanks jml

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I see what you are asking now.  Cyclic idle is not something that is designed to be switched on/off manually.  There is no need for this option.  Why would you not turn off your anti-lag between stages?

I have attached some before and after pictures for you to consider.  Let me know if this would resolve your problem.  The only thing is anything referenced to Virtual AUX2, will now have to refer to Virtual AUX1 as I have combined the two virtuals you had set up to Cond1 OR Cond2 logic on V AUX1.

This example should allow you to drive under 3000RPM without anti-lag turning on, but it will activate immediately after exceeding 3000RPM (and this will be with the AL switch DI3 still turned on).  I would be inclined to activate the E-Throttle target table column '0' also off DI3 as you will only need the air bleed when cyclic idling, which in turn will only operate when in AL mode.

If this is all in aid of cooling your engine down between stages, there is a new feature soon to be released, dedicated to this need.  Please be patient while I try to understand your situation more clearly.



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Hi Jean-michel lavoie i have not had a look at your pcl file But i do understand what you require.

The new firmware that is being developed at the moment will have what you require

now it is just a wait for it to be finalised and released to the public  Jurgen will have a better idea of when this will be.



[email protected]


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