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better plugs

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please put better plugs on map sensors. supply better looking and easier to mount boost control solinoids. drill the vacuum hole a mm bigger on lem ecu's make ecu boxs more water proof or being out a special marine ecu. peak and hold ability. smaller ecu boxes and or smaller adator link boxes. closed loop tuning knock control. a magic fairy to install and iron out all problems over nite so i dont have to the next day. greater margins. a money making output would be nice to. and a ddt logo in the display link the ability to have the display link and pc pluged in at the same time . a fused relay supplied with the ecu. a way of nowing < scope pattern > on pc link for checking trig one and trig 2 would be great just dreaming but food for thought love the product tho chur from the waitara boyz ross

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