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LPG Control on a G4 ??

Shaun Wilmer

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I'm looking at investigating running EFI on a mazda rotary on lpg and have had some discussions about using a Link ECU to control the injectors. The big issue was if the map could include fuel pressue as a varible. Has anybody else done this ? I'm currently running a Impco 350 LPG carb on the engine thats currently install in the car. The engine hasn't seen petrol in 18 months ! Thanks in advance :o) Shaun

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Have done a few cars now with lpg and link ecus with great success one to look out for is the Mothers car polish/ Chip Foose show car from Sema thats running lpg injection with a Link ecu

What type of injection are you looking to use gas or liquid  and yes you can use fuel pressure as a compensation


David Heerdegen

[email protected]


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