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Fueling problems - how does the G3 LEM calculate pulsewidth?

James Wingfield

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I'm struggling to get a consistant fuel mixture on my mr2 turbo at the moment and have looked into some logged data to try to find the source of the problem. I've logged a constant load - constant speed run which was completed in one cell of the fuel map and looked through the results. I ended up with my WB reading almost a whole AFR variation over a 10s run. What's odd is that the recorded data shows that the fuel correction factors were all constant (unless I've missed one) and the fuel table was constant to within 1 or 2% yet the mixture still varied significantly. Further investigation let me to plot an X-Y scatter graph of the fuel table value vs. injector pulsewidth and I find there is no corrolation between the two. This was very confusing?! Is it possible to find out the equation used by the ECU to calculate pulsewidth based on the other inputs so I can check to find where the delta is coming from? I can supply the .txt log file if required... Thanks, James

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