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DBW feature not longer available?


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HI, my plan was to use the Link G4 Extreme for my project swapping a toyota 2grfe V6 3,5ltr vvt-i engine in my Mr2 sw20. But i read yesterday that the drive by wire feature not longer supported by the ecu. Because of the upcoming new model, but there is no info about it and no price. I also unsure if the vvt-i control works with my engine and if there some base-maps available.

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I'am shure it runs the engine, but not shure about the VVT-I.

I found some cars in www that run the 2grfe with g4 but all dont use the vvti control feature.

So i think it dont work or is very difficult to setup. (or the stock position sensors dont work with g4 and have to replaced)

Can you say something about the price of the module?

There are basemaps for the 2grfe available ? without threre are many dyno h needed.



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Hi Ralf

the link will do the e-throttle with a external module

It should also be able to do the vvti if you can find out what the trigger patterns look like

 this is usually done through a dealer so they can correspond with the software programmers on the appropriate setup

Where abouts are you based and who did you purchase the ecu through as they will probably be your best bet to get this running correctly?



[email protected]


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Thanks for answer,

im from germany.

I dont have purchased a ecu at this time because I 'm not so stupid to buy something and than look if it met my requirements and if i get any support.

I'm would be the first person in germany that make that engine conversion

In usa are only conversions with stock ecu and  the people have a lot of trouble with it .

There is no chance to do it with stock ecu. in germany because of 'tüv'.

In the german mr2-forum are many users interested in this conversion and in mr2oc too. So if i buy as example a 'Link G4 Extreme' and it works like a charm then other users buy it too.



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