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Link Electric fan

Chris Bell

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Hi guys just joined the forum as I finally got a link! I am having one problem though, I am using an electric fan but when the fan turns on the car turns off :S I had the link installed and the wiring for the fan done by a shop, but the shop is abit far away and I know basic circuitry so I want to have a go at fixing it myself. Iv attached an image of the diagram just wondering if anyone can see the problem. Thanks


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As per Page 18 of http://www.linkecu.com/support/documentation/g4-engine-management-documentation/G4Install


You'd wire the connection '+ECU' to +12V (Battery)

I don't know why the connection of the left side of the relay (+ECU) is connected to any point on the ECU, the current draw of the fan could give too much voltage drop to the ECU and cause the ECU to shut down..


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