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auto tune

jay roy

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Hi Porsharu,


If you upgrade to the latest firmware http://www.linkecu.com/support/dlandswupdates/ECUFirmwareUpdates/G3Firmware , you will gain the QuickTune function. Just make sure you read through the rest of the changes between your current firmware and the latest in case anything has changed that could affect your tune.



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Yes, you will need a wideband sensor and controller, we recommend and sell the Innovate LC-1. This will only allow you to tune fuel. You will still need some form of knock detection equipment to tune ignition. Ignition is where power is made and engines are broken, and why people pay tuners for their experience.

We also recommend dyno tuning so that most regions of the map can be reached and held at different loads, road tuning can miss areas, that if not tuned can cause problems.

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