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Shift light with CEL


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Hi Amvegeta.

There is no shift light feature as such, and you most likely have your CE light hanging off an AUX already anyway.  There is something kind of cool you can do here and make it a CE light AND Shift light - Possibly even more multi-function than that :)  

The actual AUX the CE lamp is wired to, turn that in to a 'GP Output' and set it up as shown in the photo below.  Then set up a virtual AUX with the CE function as shown too.  Once you study this photo you will see what I mean.  Basically set up like this, the CE light will come on at over 6400RPM acting as your shift light, and this AUX will also be echoing the CE light function too.


Hope that helps.


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I would not recommend doing that.  I think your've missed my point slightly however.  Because you already have CE on INJ #5 (looking at the schematics), you have everything there you need.  Go to INJ #5 (if this is what CE Lamp hangs off - Is under Aux:FUEL) and make it look like the example photo of AUX #5 with your RPM figures wanted and so on.

You do not need to because it's only a few button pushes away from working without wiring, but another option is IGN# 3 & 4. This would be your High/Low speed fan relays.  If you need to have a spare AUX, you could common these relays to just the high speed fan output and use the other for an AUX.


But don't do that... It's done already, you just need to push the right buttons.  Does this make sense?



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