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playing back logs

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hi guys i need some help when down loading a log and playing it i cant seem to stop and start it. you can move it back and forward but not stop it also if veiwing it in the tuning page only the fuel and ignition maps and a few other tables work but not the run times is this something that will be looked at soon?

i really do love the improvements tho please pass this on to the whole team at link as i think you have done a shitload of great development given the circumstances you are all under.  yes there are a few little glitches but hell the rest is mint

cheers guys     

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You should be able to start and stop playback at will. I will look into it in case it is broken. The runtime values will not change with logging and probably never will. They are supposed to be there for online. Remember that logging works while an ECU is connected so you can use it for tuning. There are dedicated views for looking at the logged values (parameter list and value list). There would be a confusion as to if a particular gauges value is from the ECU or log file if they worked from logs.

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thanks ashley 

The problem is im getting logs sent to me from other tuners and people overseas to look at and i would like to play the log at real time as if i was sitting there tuning it and then stop the log at a certain point, then fick over to the tuning page and see where it is on the map. but at the moment if i play a file it wont stop or start. also can we change the afr to lambda ? on a log as it is a pain when reading a log tuned on methanol

cheers Ross         ps hope all is well donwn there after last nights  shake


Chipset. if you set up your logging page to suit the ecu you are tuning:  ie, rpm, tps, afr water temp etc you can flip back and forth pages to see a afr line, ignition etc


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