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Low Impedance peak-and-hold injectors

Dan Pidde

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I know that for my G2, at least 5 ohms is recommended for the injectors. The thing is, many low impedance high flow injectors (1200-1600cc) are 4.5 ohms, or lower. The output mosfets are rated at 23 amps for output, so I'm guessing that it is a cooling issue with the ECU. The rail they are mounted on isn't exactly connected the best with the aluminum base. I have 900cc high impedance injectors right now, which do satisfy my needs, but I was wondering if in the future if I could run some 4.5 ohm Bosch blues or something like that at 4.5 ohms with proper cooling, or maybe even adding a cooling fan to the case. Is there something I am missing?

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