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ECT problem

Jimmy Engdahl

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Iv got a problem with a Ford Escort Cosworth with Link G4 Storm. iv upgraded from 4.3.4 to 4.5.1 after upgrade we got problem with ECT on AN T1 when we sett the AN T1 channel to OFF we see the temp and it seams to work. but when we sett it on ECT temp it changes to 194c. what can be wrong.. something with the new firmware? //Regards

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go into the fault settings and check the high and low fault settings and the default it goes to when there is a fault detected some times the high and low settings get swapped around when upgrading and need to be reset < this is found in the menu settings then analog settings then at the bottom this tree you will find fault settings, check this first >  hope this helps if it doesnt send me your map and i will have a look over it  

cheers Ross

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