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Dipswitch settings for LPV10 with Subaru sub board

Jay Storm

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Can anyone tell me if having all 4 dipswitches on the sub board "off" is the correct setup? Mine are all off and I don't get the LED on the sub board when powering up. I only get the LED on the mainboard, but PCLink will not connect to the ECU either. I hope this ECU is not dead. Any help is appreciated. Thanks......Jay

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Hi Jay,

All 4 switches off is the correct setting. The LED will only light up when the car is running (or sometimes if there is trigger issues depending on the subboard software).

As far as the PCLink issue, you need to make sure that you are using PCLink 2.5 and that the Serial/COMLink is plugged in when the ECU powers up, and then plug the Serial/COMLink into your laptop. If this doesn't work, let me know if you're using a SerialLink or COMLink and we'll go from there.


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