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Map Sensor question - V6 Subaru wrx

Joel Tiffin

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G'day, I have a question that hopefully someone can answer for me. I have a MY00 Subaru WRX (V6) and have recently bought a Link G4 ecu, expansion loom, link air temp sensor and the knock block.

My Mechanic/Tuner is competent at installing these ecu's and
after I've given him the run down on some things that I want when it comes to tuning I've found out my stock MAP sensor won't allow me to run boost past 21psi since it can't see past this boost range (I want to run 22/23psi), I've found a Perrin 4 Bar MAP sensor for a later model WRX (08+) which has the same plug configuration as my OEM MAP sensor so basically it's a plug and play option using my original MAP sensor plug. My tuner wants to know if a aftermarket MAP sensor such as the Perrin sensor can be easily re-calibrated using the laptop software as he isn't 100% certain.

Any help on this matter would be much appreciated.

Cheers, Joel

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You dont calibrate the sensor, you calibrate the computer to read what the sensor is saying. I bet the '4 bar' setting will get you in the ball park, verify with the built in BAP in the link at key on, engine off.

What you really have is an omni power 4 bar ( which is what I have also for my V10 STi.)


Quick excel work from the cosworth formula

0 0
0.25 20.83395
0.5 41.66791
0.75 62.50186
1 83.33581
1.25 104.1698
1.5 125.0037
1.75 145.8377
2 166.6716
2.25 187.5056
2.5 208.3395
2.75 229.1735
3 250.0074
3.25 270.8414
3.5 291.6753
3.75 312.5093
4 333.3432
4.25 354.1772
4.5 375.0112
4.75 395.8451
5 416.6791
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Thankyou very much Levon Luther, That's the sort of info I was after!

Yeah after doing some research I've come to realize that the Perrin MAP sensor is actually produced by Omni!

Is that formula accurate or just to give me bit of an idea?

I'll go ahead and purchase one of these Perrin 4 bar MAP sensors!

Thanks, Joel

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Yepp. The only reason I noticed it is because of the link name has omni in it. I dont know where you are located but I picked my omni up for 100 shipped and avoided paying the label fee.


I actually just hit 4 bar on the drop down menu in link and they matched up perfectly. If I start noticing a variance, I'll burn up a table but I wanted to save my tables for future use.


What I posted would be all you needed to type into your table. You can choose for 'x' voltage it equals 'y' kpa. Link will interpolate between the voltages. Since MAP sensors are linear between .5 and 4.5, you could just use like 4 values and be good.

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I'm located in Tasmania and that sounds like you got a pretty decent deal on the sensor. I too should get mine from around $110-$120 delivered from the supplier I use frequently but I'll scan the net to see if I can find a better price!

Ah I see that's I like the sound of the plug and play factor, I haven't touched much base with PClink yet but my tuner knows the software really well so I'm sure he won't have much trouble adjusting a few things here and there if need be. He just wanted to be sure I can run this MAP sensor before I go out and purchase one!

But thank you for taking the time in clarifying a few things up for me!

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