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Hello guys, I am completely new to tuning and I want to really get really good. I don't have anyone to teach me. So I want to teach myself. I really don't have an idea where to start to have a safe map. Could someone please help me? Engine: -JDM EJ20G (imported directly from Japan) less than 20 miles. -New 20G TD06 Turbo -New Forged Pistons (stock was not forged) -Closed Deck Block (stock was not closed deck) -New Race Bearings -All New Seals and Headgasket -New Valve Job -Resurfaced Heads -New Coil Pack -New Water Pump -New Timing Belt -New Oil Cooler -HKS SSQV BOV -ARC Intake - V2 STi drivetrain with hubs and axles - Catless - Link Plus v10 ECU with display unit - Wideband AF gauge and boost gauge That is what I have. I just got the ECU to connect with my laptop. Now that I can make it connect, If someone has a base map for a similar set up, could you kindly email it to me? Attached is the current set up I have. I am sure it is not safe to drive it at its current condition. Feel free to email me at digitalightkenz@hotmail.com or call me at 1-323-369-7175 for any help. I am located in Southern California, United States. City: Los Angeles. ANY HELP IS GREATLY APPRECIATED! Ken


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Hi Ken.

Your best bet if you want to get good at this stuff is to go on a course. http://www.efi101.com/ do several reputable courses.  Getting good is also trial and error for a lot of people, but you have an awfully nice motor to 'error' on.  May be get on side with a tuner in your area, work for free on the weekends for them and learn that way? 


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